Web Services Opportunity Details

If you are here it is because you requested more information the Web Services Opportunity. There are three levels of pay. You are only paid if a deal is sold.

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) – Primary sets appointments. 10%
  • Account Representative (AR) – Sells the products and services relay prices. Deal are still general close by a manager.
  • Independent Contractor – Sells  service and collect money with manager help.

All positions can be done by email, phone or in person. The first step for most people is to set up interviews. This is an especially good for people who without sales experience because it’s more like order taking. Once we go over the details of the job, we will go over the free tools you will get to assist you while you work.

Example: Craigslist

Simply go to craigslist in any city in the United States. There are a couple of categories here where you will find people requesting web services. Click on the image for a visual. Just focus on the green categories for now.

For now just focus on any ad that are wordpress and design related. You also want to focus on the whether they are open to outsourcing. There is training available to get around this but for now only submit to ad that are open to outsourcing, telecommute, and work from home. All you have to do is send off an email saying something like this:

” I’m very interested, in your project

Your Name,

RoiSEM.com/Testimonials ”

The main goal is to get a response. Once they respond you have one of 3 options.

Setting an Appointment

Make an appointment and we take it from there. If that deal closes you will get 10%.

Pitching the Deal:

If you want to respond to the email and explain the products and pricings you can. If you have a client that is ready to buy and just need more details or something special you will receive 20% of the sale.

Making the Sale:

If you respond to the email and get the client to purchase the product online you will got 30% of the sale.

Although we offer more products that wordpress service the sale process is the same. There is leads that you can call and you can also go business to business in your local neighrhodd with our tech support here to help you in the field.

Free Start up Package

and Provided Tools

  • Personalize company email
  • Personalize discount code
  • Social Examples
  • Website Examples
  • 24 hours online tech support
  • Telephone support M-F 6am- 6pm
  • Training classes
  • Crafted Email Responds
  • Management
  • Choose your own hours
  • Memory joggers
  • Lead management System
If you think this is something that would like to do, there is no reason to wait. Sign up now and receive your personalize email and customized discount code Click here . If you would like to speak with someone please let us know a good time to call.