Top Marketing WordPress Plugins

Top Marketing WordPress Plugins

Top Marketing WordPress Plugins from RoiSEM is a recommendation on tools you can use for free with WordPress. If you plan to sell on the internet you should be prepared to create quality content. In preparing that content you will need to choose a keyword. A “keyword” or “keyword phrase” is generally one or more words that users use to find relevant web pages. This is because Search engines use keywords to show relevant web pages. Once you have decided on a “keyword” or “keyword phrase” for your web page you will need a checklist. A list of the things you can do to optimize your page.  Spreadsheets works best, but here are some WordPress tools we deem the top marketing WordPress plugins to start with. These plugins act as spreadsheets, checklist or gental reminders to make sure that you are fully aware of what needs to be done to increase your search engine optimization.

All though there are many marketing tools on the internet that are worth mentioning, here are the top marketing WordPress plugins for WordPress beginners.

SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast is number one to me because I’m use to it. I have depended on SEO to input keyword phrases for the last year or 2 and I have not been disappointed. Another thing I like about Seo Yoast is that it doesn’t get in the way. Keyword optimization is important, but content is king!

All in one

All in One SEO plugin is great. But I do have to say I have limited use of it. I have worked around it for companies and it looks to have all the option you can possibly think of. Plus its hard to ignore the amount of downloads they have. Which is the best? honestly I can’t say. Let me know what you think?


Squirrly should be number one in my list of top marketing WordPress plugins. They offer a cool UI that flashes at you when you are optimizing. Other cool features include the ability to drop royalty free images and real time tweets onto your page. These features allow you to create a richer page easier and the only down fall is the cost.  For under $20/month you can have a lot more features so it is not bad at all. With that being said the same cool dashboard seems to get in the way when you don’t need it. But there is a free version you can use to try things out to form your own opinion.


Hope you try my top marketing tool suggestions. If your are not using these free tools to help market your web page your missing out on a huge opportunity. If you need help check out our Keyword Optimization Service or our full blown Marketing Plans. Also if you would like your current website converted to WordPress and make it fully dynamic for any device, try our Mobile design plan.