Social Media Marketing


Market research has a role to play when developing each step and properly focused research can make the difference between a brilliant and mediocre plan.

Formative Research is used to help select and understand target markets and develop draft marketing strategies. It may be new research (primary data) that you conduct, or it may be research conducted by someone else that you are able to review (secondary data).

Pretest Research is conducted to evaluate a short list of alternative strategies and tactics, ensure that potential executions have no major deficiencies, and fine-tune possible approaches so that they speak to your target audience in the most effective way.

Monitoring Research provides ongoing measurement of program outputs and outcomes, often used to establish baselines and subsequent benchmarks relative to goals.

Evaluation Research, as distinct from monitoring, is research that supports a final assessment of the campaign.



We go into detailed description and implementation of each step

Step #1. Describe the Background of your brand, Purpose and Focus for the Planning Effort  of your brand
Step #2. Conduct a Situation Analysis  of your brand
Step #3. Select and Describe the Target Audience for your brand
Step #4. Set Marketing Objectives for your brands and Goals (Behavior, Knowledge, Beliefs)
Step #5. Identify Audience Barriers for your brand, Benefits and the Competition
Step #6. Craft a Desired Positioning Statement for your brand
Step #7. Develop a Strategic Marketing Mix for your brand (Product, Price, Place & Promotion)
Step #8. Determine an Evaluation Plan for your brand
Step #9. Establish a Campaign Budget and Find Funding
Step #10. Outline an Implementation Plan for your Social Marketing plan
Although steps appear linear, the process can bounce back and forth with each step subject to revision as the process plays out.