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This Social Branding plan offers personality. Your business brand and tone will be conveyed with every article we share and update that is posted. This plan will help you identify thought leaders in your industry and interaction with them on a regular basis will helping to raise your brand within the social community. Its social branding at its best and it’s the only way we do things around here.

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Social marketing uses marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate, and deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviors that benefit society as well as the target market. A truly comprehensive social marketing plan is very involved. View the sets in the planning process here.

Our guiding principles

  1.  Take advantage of prior and existing successful campaigns.
  2.  Start with target audience most ready for action.
  3.  Support and promote single, doable behaviors with significant potential impact.
  4.  Identify and remove barriers to behavior change.
  5.  Bring real benefits into the present.
  6.  Highlight costs of competing behaviors.
  7.  Promote a tangible good or service to help target audiences perform the behavior.
  8.  Consider non-monetary incentives in the form of recognition & appreciation.
  9.  Make access easy.
  10. Have a little fun with messages.
  11.  Use media channels at the point of decision making.
  12.  Try for popular/entertainment media.
  13.  Get commitments and pledges.
  14.  Use prompts for sustainability.
  15.  Create plans for social diffusion.
  16.  Track results and make adjustments.


Networks include but are not limited too.

Twitter – Real-time conversations will make your Twitter account stand out among your competitors.

Facebook – People usually don’t notice announcements. This plan provides the consistent activity to keep your brand top of mind.

Google+ – Google gives sites that are active on Google+ better ranking.

LinkedIn – Find new customers, build business partnerships and promote your Brand.

Social Bookmarking – We submit to sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit and other social marketing sites. Benefit from crafty headlines that generate comment and clicks.


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