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The 3 C’s of ourĀ Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Content: On-Site Optimization (The Engine of SEO)

If you want to rank on Google, you should already know content is king. It is crucial to have unique, well written and regularly updated content on your website. A frequent updates tells Google that your website is a fresh resource for searchers. Regularly updated information tells the search engines that your information is not outdated but continues to be relevant. All in all, Content is the engine that drives Search Engine Optimization, and a key factor in who ranks on the first page of Google.

The Best Keywords: We use a specialized keyword tools that allow us to see what the most searched keywords in your location are. We use that data, the historical information from our clients, and your input to come up with the best possible keywords for which to optimize your site. Continue reading “Internet Marketing Services”

Instant Reaction Strip vs Paypal

Strip vs Paypal

Strip vs Paypal

A little history before I go into my Strip vs Paypal comparison.I have been using PayPal for close to 8 years. I have been testing out Stripe for the last 2 years and the results are in. Although I do not consider myself a power Stripe user, I have used Stripe enough to pass the good news, that Stripe, is OK to use if you are look for a merchant account to process through your website. Today I would liking to go through some of the Pros and Cons of the 2. I’m hoping for some input on any points that I missed. At least tell everyone which you prefer and why if you have a perspective of both. Also if you have trouble integrating either merchant accounts Let us know and I will be happy to help.