Intro to The Craigslist Freelancer

coming-soonA necessary preface to finding clients on Craigslist is that people that come to Craigslist are do it yourselfers (DYI’s) and the number one objective is save money. What’s even worst is that 50% of your prospective clients have little or no money. Most people and business with real money usually go to google and choose between the top ranked on the given search. That being said you are going to be hard pressed to find more potential clients in one place asking for services that you offer. It is up to you to build value in your service to get money out of any prospective client that you deal with.

Because of the recent popularity in outsourcing more and more businesses are open to freelancers doing jobs that can’t be handled in house. Think about it for a second. Without freelancers whenever someone wanted a website, search engine marketing (SEO), and a wordpress blog. They would have to hire and train and employee for at least 24k to 80k a year and that’s only one person and they still have to show that the can do the work. Outsource to a get this done makes sense because you can easily have a professional site built, marketed and a blog for less than 10k. Saving any company or person 14 to70 thousand is a big deal and is why freelancers are making more money than ever before.

Anybody who has tried to manage a site or currently manage a website or blog knows deep down inside how hard it is. Yes you can go simple but the simpler you go the less flexibility you have. That’s why it is up to you educate the client on the value and services being rendered. If you are getting haggled for price and there argument is “it’s just a simple…” in the nicest way you can ask them why they just don’t do it themselves. Whatever the response simple let them know how much you charge and reaffirm the value in your service. The following is just 10 of the 31 tips that allowed me to make enough money to ditch the 9 to 5 enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship.