Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Our internet marketing services for small businesses aim give businesses a return on their investment (ROI). Marketing takes a lot of work. This is the reason why it cost so much. Check out the details of what will be done in your package. You can farm the work out to Fivver and Upwork workers to improve your ROI. You can do the work yourself to save even mores savings. We believe letting us handle the marketing is the best route to go. This will allow you to focus on all the leads that will be coming in.

1. Website Setup

WordPress is by far the best choose right now on the internet market because finding help is easy and is technically free. Here is a quick video if you are unsure about the setup. If you can do this yourself, it will save you lots of money. If you already own a site move on to step 2.

2. Second step Keywords Research

Assuming you have already chosen a product or service, keyword research will be the next step. Below is a great video showing how we come up with over 10,000 Keywords. We give credit to Brendan Mace for this amazing way to do keyword research.

Create and optimization

Once we have made we decisions on the keyword phrases to use we next we start to get those keywords ranked. Below is a sneak peek at some of the optimizations tactics use to optimize products, services and pages to rank on the search engines. We always follow the instructions of which is through this plugin but check out how easy it is to get start from another company Sacramento SEO and Web Development .

More optimization through Inner linking

After optimizing your page, product or service we move on to search engine optimization. And this stage we optimize the whole website for the search engine. One common technique is to Lake all the contents within the site to different parts of the website. This helps google and customers call your sites better. Here’s a short video of the hall you can accomplish that.

Rich Snippets

Next, this marketing tool that is not too popular yet. It involves simple snippets. Google hopes to organize the Internet with these snippets. If you ever google something and seen a picture in the search results, like a dish or an author, you are seeing snippets in action. Below is a video showing you how to accomplish this. Remember the payoff is to be first in google for your pages, products and services

Prepare to get picked up

Once you have done all the above, all you must do is wait to get picked up. Rather than waiting, we like to delivery these updates but submitting newly created XML and HTML site maps to help with the process. This is done with all the major engines so we can fix to any warnings/problems that they see immediately.

Here is how we create your sitemap

Here is how we submit your sitemap. Bing will follow this same method

Social indicators

If you have made it this far you should have notice 2 things. The first thing should be that this is not that hard. The second thing should be that this process will take some time. The next step is to show the search engines some social indicator. One of the ways to do this is by have traffic likes/shares from social. Check out one of our easy approaches to marketing your products on the almost any social media platform.

Geo locations

Getting you ranked in Google My Business is crucial to getting your products and services visible in products like Search, Maps and Google+. We will create and optimize and your page, see how it is done below.


Can you do one page?

Keep in mind this is a birds-eye view of some of the details involved in our internet marketing services for small businesses plans. We want you to think about the cost and time to accomplish these steps above. Forget about the website setup for a moment. On average, it takes us one hour to complete one page of marketing and social sharing. Because of our speed and expertise, our technicians cost $75/hr. If you wanted 20 pages, 20 first page rankings, the cost would run you $1500 at our hourly rate. If you did the work yourself to save $1500 is an option but there is always surprises when dealing with technology.

It like going on vacation. You may have tickets to the show, but do you have flight tickets? Where are you going to sleep, where are you going to eat? How will you get around? When working on websites (or any computer) there is always a chance of something not working right. It may be a picture that won’t positioning itself correctly, a plugin that won’t upload, or a server that suddenly comes to halt.

This is why we hire seasoned techs to guarantee timely completions of any project, which will include the handling 99.9% of computer errors. The good news is that we have packages that will save you money and time. Giving you access to seasoned techs for as little as $8/hr. Keep in mind when things go wrong that when these techs are priceless.


Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses in Simple Terms

1. We put you on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing the biggest search engines on the internet.

2. Your business will get  location based ranking typically for a city and surrounding areas where your company would like to pull it’s business from.

3 . We will analyze over 10,000 keyword phrases to find the best keywords for each location, which gives you increased saturation of all terms searched in the areas for your company.

4. No long term contracts, everything we do is month to month, so you can cancel at any time. That means we only earn your long term business if we make you money.

5. 100% Satisfaction guarantee on your results: We are so confident in our ability to perform that we actually offer a Satisfaction guarantee on your results. We put in writing that if for any reason you are not ranking where we say you will be ranking in the first 90 days, we will give you 100% credit for more products and services.