Virtual Assistant Help

Return on Investment Search Engine Marketing is on a mission to provide help for anybody in need of digital design and marketing searvices.

Providing the highest quality with industry leading customer service is only the beginning . We offer a return on your investment on all levels. 100% of the time. You will be on the ground floor of my Freelance business.

You will be taking one of my many jobs that I currently do off my plate. Although your skills should be as good as mine, or better. If you are willing to learn off the web once pointed in the right way direction that will work too.


Experience or wanting to learn
Online training
Web Design
Database/Server Administrating

Interns are welcome and as I am a legit business that can sign off on credits.
Sales jobs are available

Time management, self-motivated, ability to use shortcuts, Photoshop skills, illustrator, JQuery
PHP, SEO, ad words, learn from a reference/forum/video, good attendance, sales experience, writing skills (wow factor), editorial skills (Grammatical), logo design, posting ads, social media

Minimum Requirements
Good Attendance
Time Management
Internet Connection
Speak Fluent English

Preferred Requirements
Being proficient in more than one area. The more skills you have the better. Tell me about the one thing you can take off my plate.