Google Shopping AdWords Service

Product Listing Ads

List your products on one of the largest malls in the world. Product listing ads are displayed on the Shopping network using a data feed. Each individual product is displayed for relevant searches with an image of the product as well as a short description.

Get More Customers

Get more customers than your competitors.We build search campaigns around specific products our clients sell. Product ads direct users straight to specific pages on client sites, ensuring that they get exactly what they’re looking for.


We give your customer a second chance. Remarketing is a powerful tool for establishing repeat customers and increasing customer loyalty. We run remarketing campaigns across both the Search and Display networks.

Display Advertising

No more looking around for customers. The Google Display Network reaches 92% of all US internet users and is an essential platform for growing businesses and gaining customers. Using a wide range of features ensures that our clients get the most out of it.

Mobile AdsMobile

Get send in more places. You will have specific ads targeting mobile users to make sure the best possible user experience for mobile users. We can also set up call-only mobile ads to increase call volume for clients with sales lines.

Drown out the Competition

Companion Marketing is an excellent competitive strategy for extending customer base — displaying client ads on the page visited when users search for a keyword and click on an organic listing.

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