Exploring Drop-shipping options


Exploring the Drop ship Option:

When you start choosing products to sell, you eventually need to narrow your selections to products that you can buy, sell, and ship easily and profitably. If you don’t have the funds or desire to order products directly from manufacturers and store them in your house, a popular option is to use a drop shipper.

Drop shipping allows all you to list products, take orders, and pass those purchases to the drop shipper.  The drop shipper packages the item and ships it directly to the customer who ordered it. The customer thinks the product came from the store and usually doesn’t realize that a drop shipper was involved. Drop shipping offers several advantages over the traditional wholesale models including the following:

  • Low-risk: You pay for a product only after you sell the product so you risk only what you have tied up in the listing the product for sale.
  • No inventory cost or clutter: You never touch the product so you don’t have to pay for storage or have products in your garage or basement.
  • No packaging or shipping process: You outsourced your warehouse and shipping departments to the drop shipper. Most drop shippers also process returns.
  • Wider selection: As an online retailer, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar establishment, you have unlimited shelf space. You can offer a wider selection of products. You can sell products of any size or weight.
  • Easy product testing: If you’re not sure whether a product will sell, you can try to sell it first, without having any stock. Then, if you get an order and gain confidence in a product, you can order it in bulk and shift to an inventory strategy, if you decide that is cheaper.

You can pursue a drop ship strategy in two ways:

Deal directly with individual drop shippers who carry a limited product line or with a drop ship aggregator who has established relationship with numerous drop shippers. When you’re getting started you’re probably better off drop ship aggregator, because aggregate offer the following benefits.

  • Wider product selection: You typically have a catalog of more than 1 million products from over 100 drop shippers.
  • Simplicity: You have one drop ship aggregator to deal with, instead of having to manage separate accounts with numerous drop shippers, each of which has a different way of doing business and listing products.
  • Lower-cost: A drop ship aggregator often has more leverage than a mom-and-pop retailer when negotiating prices with individual drop shippers. This more than offsets what the aggregate of charges.

Here are a few of the more popular and well-established drop ship aggregators:

Once you find a drop shipper that’s right for you, dig into their website/catalog to decide exactly which products you want to sell, considering what will appeal to your target market, how it fits in with your desired brand, and how your product mix will impact your bottom line.


Deciding What to Sell


Deciding What to Sell

Whether you’re just stepping into the arena of online retailing for the first time or you’ve been selling for some time, you face two big questions: what should you sell? And how much to sell it for? Nobody can answer those questions for you, but in this section, we offer advice on how to answer them for yourself.

  • Selecting products that are passionate to you.
  • Scoping out trends and niche markets.
  • Learning about drop shipping suppliers
  • Setting prices to for profitable sales.

Let Passion Be Your Guide.

When choosing what to sell let your passion motivate your choices. Make a list of your interest and hobbies – what excites you? What gets your blood pumping? If you’re into fashion magazines and blogs, selling apparel and accessories might be a good choice. If you spend your time tinkering with computers, maybe you should look into selling software electronics. If you’re a dog lover consider searching for the perfect dog items to launch your own doggie boutique.

You’ll be spending a lot of time with the products you choose to sell. You will be securing inventory, posting product listings, writing marketing copy, and shipping products around the world. By choosing products you’re crazy about, you’re more able to recognizing and serving our customers’ needs when you are selecting and marketing these products, while establishing yourself as trusted expert in the field. The best part is, turning your passion into profits allows you to find joy in your work, which should be one of the reasons you are pursuing an online business.

Deciding What to Sell: Engaging in Market Research

When deciding what to sell, consider who is going to buy it. This is called your target market. The customers who consist of your target market have needs and desires. Identify those needs and desires, and you’ll have an answer to your question of what to sell.

Next, we reveal various ways to size up your target market and identify products that have the most potential.

While you’re looking for inspiration, keep the following advice in mind to avoid the most common “product-selection” pit-falls:

Instead of thinking about what to sell, consider what people want to buy. Make sure there is a demand for your products. Think about the demand side of the supply and demand economic equation.

Don’t focus on products that are currently popular. The most popular products to buy, are usually the most common products to sell, meaning competition is tough. Explore niche markets and consider complimentary selling products that help customers get more out of those popular products they already own.

Think big picture. Just because a product will sell fast doesn’t mean it’s the most profitable product for you. Make sure that the product meets the following requirements:


  • Make sure it’s legal
  • Shipping Cost
  • Restocking process
  • Target market
  • Profitable

Finding trends

Although pursuing hot-selling products can be tempting, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your target market to gauge demand and recognize your market’s needs. Here are some easy and readily accessible resources to get you started on your market research:

Newspaper/magazines: Lifestyle sections of major newspapers and advertisements in popular magazines. The big companies who are paid big money to advertise these products have already identified hot trends.

Trade journals: If you want to sell niche products, check out industry-specific publications. Trade journals can provide lots of insight into what products and trends are popular.

Drop-shipper and wholesaler directories: Go online to check out the product listings for various drop shipper and wholesalers. Simply google “Drop-shipper and wholesaler directories “. Drop-shippers typically vibrant product photos, along with pricing information to help inspire and steer your decision.  We will talk more on drop-shippers later.

Retail stores: Don’t be scared to step into local stores to see which products are bestsellers and being heavily promoted.

Other e-commerce sites: Can you think of an e-commerce site that inspires ideas for your own store?  Visit the site to see which products it features. Also look at the products that are receiving the most customer reviews.

**Be alert and thoughtful. You can spot trends simply by listening to what your people are talking about. Observe how friends and family spend their time, what they wear, games they play, places they go, and so on. When you’re surfing the internet, watching TV or listening to the radio remain alert to what people seems to be getting the most excited about.

Niche Markets.

8.jpgYou’ll be facing some stiff competition from major retailers in almost any industry, not to mention the elite e-commerce sites like Amazon and Zappos. One way to handle competition is to target a niche market. A niche market is a small part of a bigger market. Instead of going head-to-head with a retailer like Toys “R” Us, you may want to compete by promoting a niche products such as toy robots.

Niche markets are comprised of a smaller pool of potential customers. These shoppers tend to be much more passionate and loyal. Also, they can be easier to reach and engage with, especially via blog and social media efforts.

Take a look at fans of a classic sci-fi movies. Although they the number is small in regards to segment of the population, these diehards are willing to shell out cash for anything related to sci-fi brand: video games, vintage posters, life-size replica of their favorite characters, and anything else you can think of.

Connecting With Prospective Customers.

One of the best ways to identify your target market’s needs is to tune into perspective customers. If you choose an industry that you already have passion for, connecting with customers is much easier. You will be able to like the same Facebook pages they like, subscribe to the same newsletters, clubs, conferences and events, hang out at the same online discussion forums and so on.

**Listen for problems and distresses, which often highlights of unmet needs. After identifying an unmet needs, try to find products that meet those needs and then work toward making those products your niche. By providing solutions to problems, you establish yourself as an expert in the field.  You go beyond selling products and in turn customers will give you there trust and loyalty.

Next more details about drop-shippers and wholesalers… Stay tuned

Starting an online business

Starting an Online Business

Starting an online businessCongratulations! You are about to take advantage of the golden opportunity to create your very own online business. This is your chance to be your own boss, acting as CEO, creative director, working in all departments, and customer service desk all rolled into one.
You probably ready to get started but may not be sure what to do first. Never fear, No fear, this course will lead you in the right direction.

About This Course.

This course takes you through the steps of preparing your online store for its grand opening. This course will walk you through the process of building and managing a successful
online business – from finding and choosing products to designing your store, creating your top notch product listings, and marketing your store on the web. You will get great tips explaining how to perform the most common task faster, better, and/or cheaper and warnings navigating you clear from the most common and costly but pitfalls.

What You Need to Get Started.

Opening and managing an online store is far easier than building and managing a brick and mortar store. As with any endeavor you will need a few tools to get started.
Plan: your plan should include the types of products you want to sell, some ideas of who you’re going to sell too, where you planning to get products, and how to position your store to avoid and beat the competition.
Domain name: The domain name is your stores address on the Internet. IE the store.com. In this course you’ll find out how to choose and register a domain name.
Website: You need to decide on what type of website, or platform that will power your online business and how to find hosting for your website. We help you shop for a provider that aligns with your business goals,
Payments: you have several options for accepting payments from your customers, including simple solutions like PayPal. You can also pick up a merchant account so you can accept credit cards directly on their site like Stripe. Several options for accepting payment online will be made available for you.
Shipping: if you pack and ship products to customers yourself, you need an account with one or more shipping services, such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx.
Time: you probably won’t need lots of money to open your online business, but you will need time to plan your business, create and upload product listings, market your store and product effectively and serve your customers.

This course uses several icons to flag the most important items:

Remember meThis icon marks info you should consider carefully and never forget
star moveThis is a practical tidbit that may save you time or money or improve results.
dangerWatch out! Follow this advice to sidestep a common or perhaps serious but fall.

Intro to The Craigslist Freelancer

Intro to The Craigslist Freelancer

coming-soonA necessary preface to finding clients on Craigslist is that people that come to Craigslist are do it yourselfers (DYI’s) and the number one objective is save money. What’s even worst is that 50% of your prospective clients have little or no money. Most people and business with real money usually go to google and choose between the top ranked on the given search. That being said you are going to be hard pressed to find more potential clients in one place asking for services that you offer. It is up to you to build value in your service to get money out of any prospective client that you deal with.

Because of the recent popularity in outsourcing more and more businesses are open to freelancers doing jobs that can’t be handled in house. Think about it for a second. Without freelancers whenever someone wanted a website, search engine marketing (SEO), and a wordpress blog. They would have to hire and train and employee for at least 24k to 80k a year and that’s only one person and they still have to show that the can do the work. Outsource to a get this done makes sense because you can easily have a professional site built, marketed and a blog for less than 10k. Saving any company or person 14 to70 thousand is a big deal and is why freelancers are making more money than ever before.

Anybody who has tried to manage a site or currently manage a website or blog knows deep down inside how hard it is. Yes you can go simple but the simpler you go the less flexibility you have. That’s why it is up to you educate the client on the value and services being rendered. If you are getting haggled for price and there argument is “it’s just a simple…” in the nicest way you can ask them why they just don’t do it themselves. Whatever the response simple let them know how much you charge and reaffirm the value in your service. The following is just 10 of the 31 tips that allowed me to make enough money to ditch the 9 to 5 enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship.

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Marketing with SEO Yoast Quick Tutorial


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Doing the work yourself is the best way to get a return on your investment, with your only investment being time. I will be showing you how to further optimize your web pages in the future so stay tooned.