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Internet Marketing Services

The 3 C’s of our Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Content: On-Site Optimization (The Engine of SEO)

If you want to rank on Google, you should already know content is king. It is crucial to have unique, well written and regularly updated content on your website. A frequent updates tells Google that your website is a fresh resource for searchers. Regularly updated information tells the search engines that your information is not outdated but continues to be relevant. All in all, Content is the engine that drives Search Engine Optimization, and a key factor in who ranks on the first page of Google.

The Best Keywords: We use a specialized keyword tools that allow us to see what the most searched keywords in your location are. We use that data, the historical information from our clients, and your input to come up with the best possible keywords for which to optimize your site. Continue reading “Internet Marketing Services”

Top Marketing WordPress Plugins

Top Marketing WordPress Plugins

Top Marketing WordPress Plugins from RoiSEM is a recommendation on tools you can use for free with WordPress. If you plan to sell on the internet you should be prepared to create quality content. In preparing that content you will need to choose a keyword. A “keyword” or “keyword phrase” is generally one or more words that users use to find relevant web pages. This is because Search engines use keywords to show relevant web pages. Once you have decided on a “keyword” or “keyword phrase” for your web page you will need a checklist. A list of the things you can do to optimize your page.  Spreadsheets works best, but here are some WordPress tools we deem the top marketing WordPress plugins to start with. These plugins act as spreadsheets, checklist or gental reminders to make sure that you are fully aware of what needs to be done to increase your search engine optimization.

All though there are many marketing tools on the internet that are worth mentioning, here are the top marketing WordPress plugins for WordPress beginners. Continue reading “Top Marketing WordPress Plugins”

Web Services Opportunity Details

If you are here it is because you requested more information the Web Services Opportunity. There are three levels of pay. You are only paid if a deal is sold.

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) – Primary sets appointments. 10%
  • Account Representative (AR) – Sells the products and services relay prices. Deal are still general close by a manager.
  • Independent Contractor – Sells  service and collect money with manager help.

All positions can be done by email, phone or in person. The first step for most people is to set up interviews. This is an especially good for people who without sales experience because it’s more like order taking. Once we go over the details of the job, we will go over the free tools you will get to assist you while you work.

Example: Craigslist

Simply go to craigslist in any city in the United States. There are a couple of categories here where you will find people requesting web services. Click on the image for a visual. Just focus on the green categories for now.

For now just focus on any ad that are wordpress and design related. You also want to focus on the whether they are open to outsourcing. There is training available to get around this but for now only submit to ad that are open to outsourcing, telecommute, and work from home. All you have to do is send off an email saying something like this:

” I’m very interested, in your project

Your Name,
555-555-555 ”

The main goal is to get a response. Once they respond you have one of 3 options.

Setting an Appointment

Make an appointment and we take it from there. If that deal closes you will get 10%.

Pitching the Deal:

If you want to respond to the email and explain the products and pricings you can. If you have a client that is ready to buy and just need more details or something special you will receive 20% of the sale.

Making the Sale:

If you respond to the email and get the client to purchase the product online you will got 30% of the sale.

Although we offer more products that wordpress service the sale process is the same. There is leads that you can call and you can also go business to business in your local neighrhodd with our tech support here to help you in the field.

Free Start up Package

and Provided Tools

  • Personalize company email
  • Personalize discount code
  • Social Examples
  • Website Examples
  • 24 hours online tech support
  • Telephone support M-F 6am- 6pm
  • Training classes
  • Crafted Email Responds
  • Management
  • Choose your own hours
  • Memory joggers
  • Lead management System
If you think this is something that would like to do, there is no reason to wait. Sign up now and receive your personalize email and customized discount code Click here . If you would like to speak with someone please let us know a good time to call.

Continue reading “Web Services Opportunity Details”

Choosing a Website Solution

Starting an online business

Choosing a Website Solution

  • What you need to have a successful online store
  • Considering the options that are available
  • Evaluating and Finding providers

Success as an internet retailer hinges on your decisions in the beginning, especially your choice of a Website provider. Your choice effects everything from advertising and merchandising to ordering, Customer experience, and the bottom line. To achieve success, make sure to choose a reliable Web Solution that offers the features and services you need now and can accommodate the needs of a growing business in the future.

In this section, we will explain how to gauge your e-commerce needs and choose an appropriate Website Solution Continue reading “Choosing a Website Solution”

Selecting a domain name for your store

  • Choosing The perfect domain name for your online store
  • Selecting an extension such as .com or .biz
  • Knowing where and how to register your domain name

Every store needs an address so that customers know where to find it. For online stores, the address is known as a domain name, such as Your stores domain name is a critical part of your business success. Unfortunately, far too many first-time review their domain name as an afterthought, which can lead to miss directed traffic and confused shoppers.

Choosing a great domain name

To help prevent customers for making a wrong turn in missing your website, here are some considerations to make your domain name:
Keep it short. If you’re selling western clothing and you pick a domain name like, you are already shooting yourself in the boot. Keep it short and simple so customers have less to remember and type, and you have a smaller entry on your business card. For example, might be a better choice.

Make it descriptive. Your domain name should indicate what your website offers.for example, if you’re selling toy robots, a web address of would be appropriate and easy to digest for new and returning customers.

Try something unique. You can also create a unique brand name that is different and memorable. This can be a made up word or something entirely new.

Consider using keywords. If possible. Use keywords that customers are likely to enter into Search engines like Google to find what you’re selling.

Avoid symbols and numbers. People aren’t used to typing symbols, such as hyphens or ampersands, into an address bar. While including a hyphen two separate words may be tempting, avoid doing so. Also, steer clear of numbers because if you have two tell someone your domain name out loud, they may not know whether you meant the new rule or the word; for example 3 or three.

Get a second opinion. Before making a final decision on your domain name, Chuck with friends and family for feedback. Although your choice might make total sense in your head, it may be off-putting or confusing to others.

Consider a few alternatives. Create a list of around 10 domain names that you’d be comfortable using before trying to register, so you won’t be too disappointed if you’d first choice has already been claimed.

Domain names are not case sensitive, so I knew using mixed case on your business cards and other marketing materials to make your own domain name easier to recognize and remember-for example, awesome toy

Tacking on the right extension

After you found the perfect domain name, consider a top level domain name extension,.com,.org,.net, or dot biz. We strongly recommended claiming extension if it is available if you’re setting up a nonprofit. ( is no longer reserved for nonprofits, and help instill the confidence and potential shoppers and owners that the organization is legitimate.) isn’t available, Take the following steps: step one:

  1. Check the domain that is currently using that extension you may want to stick with your choice and simply use a different extension, but if a big-time business or website that has offensive content is using your domain name, reconsider your choice you don’t want competitors website for an offense of side
  2. consider using a different extension like .net or dot biz if you think that most customers will arrive at your online store via search engine is fine. If you think you’ll be relying on customers to type in the domain name and extension and having address maybe more important. If you choose an address that ends in something other, be sure to reinforce that fact and your marketing communications.

Checking availability

The best way to check the availability of a domain name is to perform an Ajax the domain search . use your favorite search engine to search for Ajax domain search and click One of the resulting domain search thanks. After accessing the domain search paid, type the domain name you want without WWW.or.calm, and press enter the tool will then display a list of all available claimed domain names that match your entry.

Warning: be careful when using a domain registration service to perform your search. Often is the name you want is taken, the registration service present you with a long list of suggestions you may be tempted to purchase. While some of these may be helpful make sure that if you choose one of their options, it is a good choice.

If you domain name is not available, here is what to do:

  1. step one find the owner of the domain name. in the results of your domain name to click the owner info link for the unavailable domain name to find out who owns it and it’s expiration date.
  2. Step two: decide whether to negotiate are you the different domain name. Contact the owner, express your interest in the domain name, and tried to negotiate a price or consider using a different domain name if the price is too steep for you.

While your domain name is an important elements of your business, don’t get too hung up on choosing the perfect domain name. Even the most shack names have the potential to be great.

Registering your domain name

To claim your domain name, you must register it with the domain registrar of your choice. We recommend registering your domain name with your e-commerce provider, if possible. This allows you to have one point of contract for your e-commerce software, customer support, and domain name. Furthermore, this prevents you from having to point your domain to your providers servers when you launch your store.

If you’re not using any commerce solution that provides hosting or allows you to purchase a domain name from them, look for a reputable, well known provider.

Purchased the domain name for multiple years are use the registrars automatic update features so you don’t have to worry about losing the name when you registration is set to expire. Also, make sure that you update your billing information whenever changes. Businesses have lost domain names by failing to update credit card information.

Calculating Product Cost For Profits

Calculating Product Cost For Profits

Before settling on the prize, calculate the overall product cost break even point why told Lyndon the following cost, along with all the costs associated with your product: product costs, shipping fees, credit card processing fees, listing all hosting, website fees, and any associated labor.

As an example:

Product costs: five dollars, shipping cost: one dollar, credit card processing fees: $.25, listing fees: a dollar 25, labor: plus $.25, overall production costs $7.75

Accounting for product profit goals

After you determine how much you can sell a product for an order to break even on that product, the next step is to decide the gross profit you need on the product to meet your net profit goals. Notes meant profit is the money that is left over after paying all your cost, including marketing expenses and fixed overhead cost but you’re smart. To calculate how much you need to sell it for to and the desired net profit, take the following steps: one such a monthly net profit for the sale of all products. For example, you want to $6000 a month net profits from sales of your entire product line. Add your nonprofit cold so your total Watley operating expenses to calculate your gross profit goal.

Opportunity services are your monthly marketing and overhead costs, such as hosting fees, celery lawyers, and Solon. Gross profit is the mark up the amount you sell the product for an excess of what you pay for it.

, Suppose what your monthly marketing expense our $2000 and your overhead expenses are $2000 gross profit pool would be $10,000: 6000 miles plus $4000.

Mike down your monthly gross profit going into monthly gross profit goals for each product. For example if you’re selling for products you may have a goal of $2500 gross profit per month for each product to meet your total gross profit of 10,000

Estimate the total number of each product you expect to sew per month.

For example if you want to earn $2500 on the sale of 500 items, $2500 divided by 500 equals five dollar item and profit gross.

Add the gross profit per item you arrive at instep five to the overall cost you calculate in the previous.

For example, if a product cost you $7.75, and you’ll need to earn five dollars per item to meet your goal profit goal for that product, $7.75 +5 dollars equals $12.75. Bottom line, a 500 units to meet your gross profit for for this particular you’ll need to sell it for no less than $12.75.

Repeat step 6 foot each of the products at them total gross profit of all your products are sure that you’re up let the gross profit go and, in turn, you’re not profitable.

While calculations like to make for sound business decisions internally, you need to weigh your bottom-line prices against the current market. Another words, what are other people charge it for the sale items, question mark while people actually purchase this product at the spices you propose?

Pricing your product


Pricing your product

Settling on a price for each product you are selling isn’t a clean mathematical challenge. I’ll stall reach it was often only sell products at a loss for the opportunity to up sell profit products. However, you need to crunch the numbers to clear idea of how much you stand the game or loose from the sale of crunching numbers also hope you’re home much a customer may be willing to pay. Charge too much, and you lose a customer; charge to little and you don’t make a profit.

Checking out the competition

Online shoppers often find what they want and they search for the price best price. They don’t always buy from the retail offering the lowest price, but they do compare prices so you should too. To start your pricing Sulu thing, check out some of the following sources:

Similar websites: search for websites that sell similar products and take notes of their prices.

Comparison-shopping insurance CSE: CFCs I like search engine’s: but for products only. Some of these include cool product search and next when you arrive at ACS East search for products just selling to see a wide range of competitive price points.

The auction sites: some sometime browsing for your products to see how much the same or similar items are selling for at auction is at auctions.

Big sites like Amazon and Zippos: while you’re obviously a smaller business e-commerce Giants, check the sites to see the pricing going up against.

Taking customers and value into consideration

Competing on price alone against competitors who often so much less than you can be tough battle. When setting prices, consider additional factors, including the following:

Customer motivation, what motivates your target market to make a purchase? Are there more concerns about price or dealing with a reputable retailer? Are there purchasing a money’s no object status item? Are there willing to pay more to get better service after the sale?

Your value add:

customers purchase more than just a product; they persistent experience. Think about what value your business ads be on the product. Some examples include stellar customer service, free returns, that’s really some excellent merchandising, installation instructions, and other educational training resources. If you’re providing an extra something that of the stores aren’t, don’t be afraid to charge for it.

Pricing is admittedly more art than science reading task with even the most experience retailer, but with the information you feed hear you well prepared to avoid these two major pricing mistakes:

Over pricing: overpricing leaves to lost sales and trust. In the world of e-commerce, your competition sites are just a few clicks away, and all my chakras are definitely compare prices. Thus, resist any “would this be a fair price to me as a customer?” ”

On the pricing: while pricing your product lower than your competition maybe something, pricing wars lower profit margins for everyone, including you. Customers may even mistake you low-price point for a cheap product, and worse, the scalp.