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  • Social Design: Social Design: With Branding being so important to the growth of any business, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Social Media Branding promotion. For a limited time receive over 65% off our Facebook Banner Design when you bundle Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Banner.
  • Small Business Design: Are you starting a new business? Or maybe you want to take your business to the next level? Our RoiSEM Small Business Design apps are the perfect packages to start a new business. This plan is also the perfect starting point for a small business wanting to upgrade to a mobile website.
  • Membership Site Design: These sites are known for active members. Meaning, rather than your customer just reading an article or purchasing a product, your visitors/members will have profiles and share resources like pictures, updates, downloads. These sites usually involved highly customized coding to make your dreams become a reality.
  • Big E commerce Design: Do you have any established E-commerce site. Stuck in the same position in the Search Engine results? This Big E commerce Design is made take you branding to new heights. Banners and other marketing become available attainable. We are your personally Web developers. Business cards, Letter heads, Flyers just let us know.

Marketing Options


  • On page Optimization: Our on-Page optimization plan involves putting your best foot forward so the search engines can index your site correctly. Although Optimization alone will not guarantee first page rankings, optimization is crucial if you are depending on the search engine for your sales. Again optimization is a must for any business trying to generate business from search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Social Posting – Social Updates from RoiSEM includes social updates to your business Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Updates are Keyword rich and will generate link popularity for the keyword of your choice.
  • Newsletter: Newsletter Campaigns have been around since before USPS started delivering mail. We believe that if you offer a service that is proven then your clients will want to know about your promotions and new products. We help you harvest your leads and distribute updates to maximize your profits
  • Directories: Now more than ever the search engine judges you by your friends. The more people/websites that points to your website the higher your ranking will be. The more popular the websites that point to you are the better. This is where we help you by submitting your site to high ranking directories to increase your site popularity.

Hosting Options


  • Self Hosting – $10 – Tutorials
  • Small Business Hosting – $150 – Free Coaching
  • Small E ccommerce Hosting – $250 – Free Domain
  • Big E Commerce Hosting – $350 – Free PPC Credit
  • Big Business Hosting – $350 – Daily Backups

A Plan For Every Budget!

DesignOne Time Fee
$999.99and Up
Social Design
Small Business Design
E commerce Design
Member Design
Design Coaching
MarketingOne Time Fee
$99.99and Up
Social Posting
HostingMonthly Fee
$149.99and Up
Small Business
Small Ecommerce
Big Ecommerce
Membership Site
Big Business
CoachingMonthly Fee
Freeand Up
How to
Free Website

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